Wirz Park & Pool

Project Descriptions

The following are descriptions of proposed park improvements associated with the parks bond. These proposed improvements are tentative and subject to change. There is no guarantee that these improvements will be implemented as stated or that a new park will be approved as part of the parks bond. Implementation of these improvements will be subject to future public hearing and public bidding. All dates of these future meetings for the implementation of these improvements will be advertised and the meetings will be open to the public. All costs included are tentative projections and subject to change.

Wirz Park Master Plan

Wirz Park is an existing park poised to receive upgrades to make it more functional and to better serve the community. A major proposed improvement is the renovation and expansion of the existing community building, including an outdoor event patio with a shade pavilion and several social terraces to hold larger-scale events. The existing pool area will also be expanded and fenced in to include a new splash pad with play elements, zero-entry pool, lap pool, and office building, and pavilions and shade structures throughout the area. A new shaded ADA-accessible playground and a new volleyball court are proposed adjacent to the expanded pool area. Current field will be renovated for multi-use sports play with an expanded parking lot to service the expanded pool and event spaces, as well as a multipurpose field with extended area for backstop and infield. For the southeast corner of the property, a new pavilion, basketball court, and fitness court are proposed. Connectivity into the park will also be improved with a raised crosswalk crossing Mark David Boulevard as well as an upgraded trail connection point to the south.

Improvements are projected to cost $5,301,395.93, based on the conceptual design cost estimate.

The preliminary estimated additional annual operating cost related to the proposed improvements for this park is $250,761.

Image featuring a rendering of the park, contents are described in detail in the content of this page.
Image featuring a rendering of the park, contents are described in detail in the content of this page.