2020 Parks Bond Referendum Projects

On March 17th, 2020, the City of Casselberry held a bond referendum to ask registered Casselberry voters to consider providing additional revenue to the City through the issuance of bonds. This referendum was overwhelmingly approved. These bonds will fund a plan to renovate and upgrade Casselberry parks and develop a new park that will offer active recreational opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities.

In 2017, Casselberry completed a Parks, Recreation, Pathways, and Open Spaces Master Plan. Since then, the City has been working diligently to implement the priorities established in that plan, even securing grant money to fund the priorities of the plan.

While progress has been made, to fully implement the master plan, more funds are needed. This led to the parks bond referendum. Additional revenue from the parks bonds will fund capital projects across the City that will enhance the City’s parks, and improve facilities such as playgrounds, trails, and open spaces that provide the settings for recreation, cultural events and natural resource based activities. The funds will also renovate and improve existing athletic fields, recreation complexes, and community centers that provide numerous opportunities for recreational league play, along with diverse mix of community and privately sponsored programs, and events.


The additional funds will benefit ONLY City of Casselberry facilities.

The funds will be used for a new active park for all ages and abilities (Wheel Park) and…

Major renovations to 5 existing parks:

  • Wirz Park/Pool
  • Secret Lake Park
  • Lake Concord Park
  • Dew Drop Park
  • Sunnytown Park

Several studies have found that living in close proximity to a park will generally boost home prices by 8% to 20%