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March 17, 2020

On March 17th, the City of Casselberry is asking voters to consider providing additional revenue through the issuance of bonds that will renovate and upgrade the City's parks, and to develop a new park that will offer active recreational opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities.

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The additional funds will benefit ONLY City of Casselberry facilities

The funds will be used for a new active park for all ages and abilities (Wheel Park)

Major renovations to 5 existing parks:

If you would like to see more details about the plans for each park, click here!

Several studies have found that living in close proximity to a park will generally boost home prices by 8% to 20%

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Parks for all
Abilities & Ages

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New Playgrounds &
Renovated Courts


How much will it cost?

Try out our calculator below using your home's Taxable Value to see how it would impact your yearly taxes.

The maximum individual property tax impact is estimated. Actual individual tax impacts would depend on the total amount of bonds issued, interest rates, individual taxable property value, and total taxable property value in the City.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bond referendum?
A bond referendum allows voters to decide if the City should be authorized to borrow funding for capital projects with General Obligation (G.O.) bonds that are backed by a pledge of the full faith and credit of the City. Bond financing is often used for capital projects that are above and beyond the scope of the annual operating budget, or are utilized for projects that will benefit citizens for many years in the future.
What will Casselberry voters be voting on?
In 2017, Casselberry completed a parks and recreation master plan. Since then, they have been working diligently to implement the priorities established in that plan. While progress has been made, to fully implement the master plan, more funds are needed. Voters will be asked to approve the City to borrow up to $24 million dollars to be drawn from and paid back over 20 years to fund the improvements to the 6 park sites presented in the park plans.
How will the question read on the ballot?
The question on the ballot will read:

Casselberry General Obligation Bonds for Parks and Recreational Facilities

To renovate, improve and construct parks and recreation facilities, including renovation, expansion and replacement of buildings, athletic venues, and various other park improvements, shall the City be authorized to issue general obligation bonds, in one or more series, not exceeding $24 million, bearing interest not exceeding maximum legal rates, maturing not later than 20 years from issuance, pledging the City’s ad valorem tax revenues and full faith, credit and ad valorem taxing power?

Yes / No
Why doesn’t the city just use their current funding, why do we need to bond money?
While the City of Casselberry is in a positive financial position, it does not have enough City funding available to pay for all of the capital projects identified in the parks master plan, while sustaining the high level of service our citizens expect and deserve. Using bonds to fund these projects will allow citizens to pay for them long term. Another benefit of using bond financing instead of City funding is the equity factor that will require future Casselberry residents to pay for a portion of the new projects they will benefit from, rather than all the funding coming from current and past residents.
How much will the bond cost me?
The bond is repaid over time in installments. Money is raised each year to repay the bond from property taxes. A tax rate is set each year that is applied to the “Taxable Value” of property subject to tax. The tax is paid by homeowners but it is also spread to businesses, rental properties and investors. In 2019 the average homestead taxable value in Casselberry was $70,662. The tax on $70,662 is estimated to be $51.71 per year, or about $4.31 per month. If you own taxable property you can estimate your tax when all the bonds are issued by using our calculator above.
How long will the GO bond last?
The ordinance passed by the City of Casselberry states the bond will last twenty (20) years.
When is Election Day? Can I vote by mail or early?
Election Day is Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 from 7a.m. – 7p.m. You can vote three different ways, by mail, early, or in person on Election Day!

Any registered voter may request a free mail ballot by calling the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Office at 407-585-VOTE or online at www.voteseminole.org/vote-by-mail.

Early Voting runs Saturday, March 7th - March 14th from 10a.m. – 6p.m. You can early vote at the Casselberry Library and six (6) other locations throughout the County. Go online to www.voteseminole.org/early-voting for early voting center information.
How do I find out where to vote?
To find out where you vote on Election Day, please visit www.voteseminole.org/find-my-polling-place
Which parks will be improved, and are there any new parks included in the plan?
The plan includes a new active recreational park, named Wheel Park, for all ages and abilities.

There were $24 million in capital projects identified as a part of the parks master plan. The plan includes major renovations to:

o Secret Lake Park
o Lake Concord Park
o Wirz Park
o Dew Drop Park
o Sunnytown Park
If approved, when will the parks be improved?
Planning and engineering would start almost immediately. However, Improvements to all six parks will take several years to complete. The City Commission has guided that the following order of prioritization should be followed.

o Secret Lake Park
o Lake Concord Park
o Wirz Park
o Wheel Park
o Dew Drop Park
o Sunnytown Park

Multiple parks may be designed and/or constructed at the same time.
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